Doug Bilenski

Sales Associate

Watson Commercial Realty, Inc.
License #SL3364250
Jacksonville, FL


About Me


I’m a “Jersey Boy” born in Passaic New Jersey of second generation Italian and German / Pole parents from large families. They instilled in me the honor and the culture of each of their heritages which I have continued to live by in my business life and in my own family. I attended Jersey schools including Rutgers and Farleigh Dickenson University, but most of my education came from 35 years of growth in John Hancock Companies. I say Companies because I had the pleasure of assisting Hancock in the development of their new endeavors into the areas of Real Estate Trusts, Professco property and business Leasing Corporation, Mutual Funds, Stock, Equity Sales, Commercial Mortgage Broker and eventually as a Real Estate Broker.

I wanted to serve my client base more efficiently so I decided to become a Real Estate Salesman and then a Broker Salesman in New Jersey starting my own Real Estate Office with a partner, my wife, Marilyn, our secretary and two sales people which I managed four eleven years. We specialized in Commercial and Residential Sales as well as appraisal services. I sold my interest in our company after Marilyn’s passing. Hoping to simplify my life as a widower with three young children I decided to become an Independent Commercial Real Estate Broker specializing in the sale of restaurants and commercial properties.

Four years and a new wife later we decided to become part of the “other side of the equation” an in 1985 we moved to Florida to become the Owner / Manager of a 120 room Ramada Inn, Gold Spoon Restaurant and cocktail bar in Palm Bay, Florida. This period of my sales career was a priceless education in mastering the purchase, management and sale of a business. That opportunity opened a whole new career for me as a Financial Consultant helping my clients in obtaining mortgage finance and evaluating business opportunities with them to ensure their success. As a team member of the Watson Commercial Sales Division, I will serve our clients to fulfill their needs using my experience to their benefit and success.


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